Welcome to the Sonic Experience.

Get ready for a truly pain-free car buying experience that's empowering and enjoyable.

A whole new experience that puts you in control

Free To Roam Our store is equipped with digital displays and interactive tools that allow you to explore, research and learn-- with or without the help of an advisor.

Imagine Bar We offer the latest tools and technology to select and research vehicles and prices in our store, at your fingertips.

Website & Mobile Before you step foot in the door, you can check our inventory, compare our vehicles, even schedule a test drive.

Not salespeople, sales advisors 

Here to help you, not to sell you We call them Experience Guides. They're there to guide you through the process. Our guides are both passionate about cars and extremely knowledgeable. Every guide must pass a rigorous 6-9 week training course.

One Guide You'll be assigned to one Experience Guide who will take care of you through every step of the process. No hand-offs and no waiting for the manager or finance person.

No Commission Our guides are not paid on commission, instead they're salaried. They share a collective team goal based not on sales but on customer satisfaction.


A sales process that's quicker & easier than ever

The tablet-enabled sales process now revolves around the
way each individual customer wants to shop. Tablets allow sales guides to start, pause and finish all aspects of the sales process anywhere inside or outside the store - even in the car itself.

Speed of Completion
The new sales process is virtually paperless - reducing the number of signed paper documents from over 40 to just 4, and reducing the time it takes to complete a sale to about the length of your lunch break.

An experience that goes on after the sale

Service Experience Our friendly technicians take you on a walk-around of your vehicle that allows you to be involved in the process. Service-specific tablets also allow our technicians to show and even email you detailed pictures and videos of problems - so you know exactly what's going on and how it will be resolved.

Communications We're streamlining the amount of messages you receive after a sale. Our goal is to shift the focus to nurturing a genuine, useful relationship.

A Place to Enjoy Our goal is to make our store a conflict-free environment where even customers who aren't in the market will want to visit and take in the experience.

Transparent pricing and financing

Sonic Price
Our pricing is determined by taking multiple factors into consideration. It's a competitive price, the price you can expect to pay in the market. Sonic Price helps eliminate the back and forth.

Financing & Insurance Recommendations are completely transparent and personalized to you. Your guide can show you on the tablet exactly why each option is recommended.